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Young Adult Edition

YAE is a weekly talk show hosted on facebook.com/kmrobinsonbooks with co-hosts K.M. Robinson and Elle Beaumont.

Each week, we bring on new guest star authors, book world professionals, and book lovers to discuss bookish topics, new releases, etc

YAE is looking for published authors (book can be on preorder, but must have a buy link) and book world professionals (agents, distributors, book swag creators, book reviewers, film producers, or anyone connected to the book world) to come on the show adn talk about what they do or what they love about the book world. 

Currently booking. All episodes of YAE are held Mondays at 10am EST.

Author and Celebrity Interviews

Want to get a little extra marketing? Author interviews arre 20 minutes long, while celebrity interviews last 40-60 minutes.

Authors are welcome to give out samples of books or even full copies. This interview is all about you and what you writer/do/your best projects!

Author interviews are currently accepting authors who fit what my fans might be interested. The best fits are books similar to mine (do your research) so strong romantic elements, dystopians, retellings, sci fi, fantasy will all mesh nicely, but I don’t limited to just those genres. All covers and blurbs must be professional and you must have buy links for your stories.

Celebrity interviews preferably have some type of connection to my books, but if my fans love you, we want you on the show regardless of book-connections!

Currently booking.  Author interviews are held between 9am-11:30am EST or 2pm-3:30pm EST Mon-Fri. Occasionally we have evening hours, and weekends available, but we find our audience tends to be more engaged during the hours listed.

Parties and Events

There are two option with parties and events. If it’s something I have planned, you’re welcome to join me on the broadcast. I’ll keep a running list below. If you want help running your own live launch party, please contact me for availability and pricing.

Book events are looking for authors with books that are available or on preorder to hang out for special events. If one listed below fits you, we’d love to have you on!

If you want your own launch party, you can commission my time to run one for you. These may or may not be people’s favorite thing ever!

Currentlyclosed to bookings. Special events are held between 9am-11:30am EST or 2pm-3:30pm EST Mon-Fri. Occasionally we have evening hours, and weekends available, but we find our audience tends to be more engaged during the hours listed.

Upcoming Bonus Events Open To Participation

Author Tea Party (TBA)

Author Bachelor Commercial Series (TBA)

Agent Round Table (TBA)


“K.M. is savvy about the world of books and a complete professional on YAE. For my session, she offered beautiful promotional images ahead of time so we could simultaneously boost the show on social media. On the day of the broadcast, she kept the conversation running smooth, engaged the audience, and made me laugh along the way. She has such a breezy and candid presence, it’s impossible not to have fun! I’m very camera shy, so to find someone who makes me feel comfortable onscreen is nothing short of a miracle. 😉 I’d be thrilled to do another broadcast with her one day—that is unless Access Hollywood discovers her first.”

-A.G. Howard, #1 NYT and INTL bestselling author of classical retellings

“I had so much fun on the Young Adult Edition! They were friendly and incredibly organized which made broadcasting live easy.”

-Elise Kova, USA Today Bestselling Author of

“Working with K.M. Robinson and going live on her show was incredibly fun, and she attracted an engaged audience who asked great questions. Everything from how she preps you for the interview to the interview itself runs smoothly because she attends to every detail. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

-Annie Sullivan, author of A Touch of Gold

“I loved talking with K.M. and her co-host, Amber. The webcast was relaxed, comfortable, and fun! K.M. does a great job of keeping the conversation moving and giving you all the information you need for a great conversation. I highly recommend participating in Young Adult Edition.”

-Kalyn Josephson, author of The Storm Crow

“I am very uncomfortable with seeing myself on camera, and I was hesitant when K.M. broached the idea of a live broadcast with me. However, she is exceedingly organized and took care of everything. She went out of her way to reassure me and give me the information and tools I needed to feel comfortable. When we were eventually on air, she was so warm and friendly and casual that she made me feel like I was simply chatting with a friend. I was able to relax and have a blast!”

-Pintip Dunn, author of Forget Tomorrow

“K.M. makes sure authors are at east and well-prepared for live author events. She organizes everything down to the smallest detail, yet still makes the events lively and fun. I was nervous to be on camera at first, but talking to K.M. is talking to a friend, and the live events I’ve done with her have been fantastic!”

-Lisa Brown Roberts, author of The Replacement Crush

“Being interviewed by K.M. Robinson was so much fun that I forgot I was being interviewed! It felt more like chatting with a new friend. Her passion for books, enthusiastic spirit, and well researched questions made me want to keep chatting all day. Definitely give it a try!”

-Sarah K.L. Wilson, author of First Flight

“K.M. prepped me ahead of time by giving me wardrobe and hair sugestions and telling me the topics so I knew I wouldn’t get blindsided by a question I couldn’t answer. She was also patient during the recording and didn’t get flustered by my computer’s technical difficulties and I had to do a last-second switch to a different computer. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I was excited too!”

-Clara Kensie, author of Aftermath

“I absolutely adore spending time with KM on YAE. Her shows are always well organized, thought out, and of course a ton of fun! K.M. always has great questions and fun ideas that keep me laughing and make the broadcast completely fly by.”

-J.M. Sullivan, author of Second Star

“I was so nervous before my first live broadcast with Katie, but as soon as we went on air, she made me feel incredibly comfortable. She knows just what to ask and always makes you laugh! If you like having a blast while talking books, I definitely recommend K.M.’s show!”

-Amber R. Duell, author of Fragile Chaos

“Being interviewed by K.M. was such an enjoyable experience. I was absolutely terrified but with KM’s gentle encouragement as well too notch professionalism it wasn’t long before I opened up and dove right in. Her questions were so well planned and insightful – many I’d never been asked before. I loved how well she knew my book and how excited she was learn more. She even took my cheekiness in her stride! I would jump at the chance to work with her again and hope to in the future.”

-Freedom Matthews, author of Inherited

“I enjoy getting invited to participate in K.M. Robinson’s live broadcasts because even though being on camera can be nerve-racking, she makes the entire process feel easy and natural and just a conversation among friends. I’d recommend other authors participate in K.M.’s live broadcasts because they’re great networking opportunities and a chance to engage with new audiences.”

-Alicia Gaile, author of Trial by Song

“When I was asked to be a part of a live broadcast, I had no idea what to expect other than falling on my face and losing the ability to speak at the worst possible moment. These thoughts plagued me until K.M. gave me the pre-broadcast prep and pep talk. She had be so prepared that by the time the “live” banner came on screen, I barely noticed it. In fact, it was fun and made me feel great.” 

-Courtney Sloan, author of Of Scions and Men

“Appearing on Katie’s show is always a blast! She’s such an insightful and engaging host, making the interview a breeze. Her audience is super interactive and my readers love being a part of the conversation.”

-Constance Roberts, author of Sigil in Shadow

“I absolutely hate being on camera. In fact, I kind of dreaded the broadcast because of that, but K.M. made it so easy. She made me feel relaxed, more at ease with the situation, so much that I forgot how nervous I was and ended up having a blast. It was like two friends chatting about what we love.”

-Laura Clark, author of Distraction

Show layout:
     -Book World News
     -New Releases
     -Intro Guest Stars
     -Main Topic Discussion
     -Fan Questions
     -About Guest’s Books/work (short segment, consider it a mini-interview)
     -Where to Find Guests On Social
     -Guest Goodbye
     -What’s Happening Next Episode (Wrap Up)
The Young Adult Edition show typically runs 40-60 minutes, but occasionally runs over if there are a lot of viewer questions and the guest has a little extra time (which we’ll talk about before we go on air to make sure we end at a specific time if guest has somewhere else to be)  Author interviews are 20 minutes long. Celebrity interviews are one hour long.
Fan Questions
     -All fan questions are moderated by the hosts
    -Any off-topic questions will be ignored unless we open it up to off-topic questions
     -Any rude or inappropriate comments will be deleted once we’re off air
             -our fans are very well-behaved, but on rare occasion, a random person will find our livestream, or the guest will have fans follow them to the show that decide they don’t want to play by the rules—this has only happened two or three times in the history of the show, but we handle it quickly when it does
     -Guest author will not see the incoming comments, except the ones the host puts on the screen
Interview Questions
     -We can give you an idea of what we’ll be talking about before hand, but…
      -We like to keep it very conversational, so we go with the flow + fan questions
             -meaning it won’t be a list of rigid questions we go through, we follow the flow of the conversation
     -The main section of the episode stays *very* on-topic, we don’t get distracted easily
             -Typically we only step off-topic if the author’s answer leads there and we feel it can still fit
                    -we’re very good at working the side conversations back into the main discussion as if it was planned, so if the conversation steps off topic, we’ll work it back into the main topic
**Our goal is *always* to make our guests look good, feel comfortable, and promote themselves and their books in the best way possible, while offering insight to viewers and educating them on bookish topics. We never ask anything we think could be controversial or the guest might not have an answer for. If for some reason as ask a question that the guest doesn’t have an answer for, we’re great at redirecting while saving face for everyone. We’ve had a lot of practice at reading our guests and following their cues if we need to reposition a question.
**We also run through things during mic check before we go on air, which is a great time to make sure we’re all on the same page.
Show Specifics
     -Young Adult Edition is on Mondays at 10am EST, all other shows are at individually scheduled times
     -Mic check is 20 minutes prior to air time
     -Guests can join from any computer or phone that has internet access from anywhere in the world
     -I’ll send you a sign in link. It will prompt you to allow it to use your mic and camera. That’s it—no fancy equipment needed.
After the Show
     -We’ll chat off-air for five minutes to debrief
     -Footage will automatically be on FB and can be used for marketing purposes
     -Footage will be pulled and uploaded toYouTube for further marketing (one of my videos recently hit #3 in it’s industry on YouTube)
             -you’re welcome to embed it on any sites you need or use to market however you need
                    -if you liked a particular answer you gave, I’m happy to clip it out for you and send you that clip to use

What to Wear

I do prefer my guests dress up a little (you’re representing your business, after all) so please avoid tee shirts on air. You’re only shown from your chest up, so you’re free to wear your yoga pants because they won’t be seen.

Please avoid neon colors or bold patterns as those typically don’t film well. Bright reds typically don’t film the best. White colors can sometimes glare. Also be sure to avoid logos or other copyrighted material or imagery.

I recommend form fitting clothing as anything baggy will look extra big on film.

Hair looks best when kept down or partially down (if pulled back for a straight on video, it may look like you don’t have hair)

Be sure to test your outfit before coming on the show to see how it films. Feel free to ask questions! I’m a professional photographer and have years of experience in what translates well on film/camera.


What To Say

We ask that all conversation be kept kid-appropriate as many of our viewers listen to the show with children in the room. Please do not swear or talk about anything overly-adult while on the show.

I’ll give you time to talk about your book and your social media/website while on air, so make sure you can give us a brief overview of your story and know your social media links.

Where To Film

Filming should be done in a quiet, well lit room. Please keep kids, pets, and spouses in another room while we’re on air (grab a babysitter if needed for your kids)

Natural lighting is best, so sitting in front of a window will give you the best coloring, but if your’e using artificial light, opt for white-based light over yellow-based light.

Be sure anything that might cause noise is turns off (fans, email, etc) so that we can hear you easily. You don’t have to use earbuds while on air, but please have a pair next to you in case we end up with any interference.

Postion your computer/phone/table at a slightly downward angle to make you look the best you can. Please do not hand hold your cell phone during the interview—use a tripod or prop it up on something like a pile of books.

Mic check is always 15-20 minutes before we go live.

Once you’ve been confirmed as a guest star, I’ll need your bio photo, social media links, and any book buy links. Your biography is not needed unless requested.

One-two days before the event, you’ll be sent the broadcast link and marketing graphic to share with your fans. I wait until right before to create the link so it doesn’t get buried in the feed.

One the day of the broadcast, you’ll be sent a sign in link through Facebook Messenger (if we’re friends…PS feel free to friend me if you’re a guest) or through email if that’s how we’ve communicated.

You’ll need to access this link through a Chrome browser or through your phone where it will prompt you to use our app to go live. It’s super simple to do and only takes a minute.

Once you’re inside the green room, I’ll chat with you and we’ll go through our run through of the episode so you’re ready to go.

On air, we’ll talk (don’t worry, we’ll probably end up as besties) and answer fan questions that I’ll be moderating so all you have to do is enjoy yourself and chat.

After the episode ends, we’ll be sent back to the green room to chat and debrief for a few minutes before signing off.

All episodes have the footage pulled and added to YouTube as well so we can embed on websites/blogs.

Ready To Get Involved?

Let's Double Check

Are you an author, book world professional, book lover, or really cool person who wants to hang out with our YA adults and teen audience?

Fabulous, we want you!

Defining YA

We use the traditional definition of young adult as books with characters from age 15-18. Anything over 18 is NA, anything under is MG. Our focus is specifically on YA, but on rare occasion, we pull in some NA depending on what it is. Please make sure your book qualifies if you want to be on the shows.

All Set?

Perfect, let’s do this.

Send us an email, DM, or comment and let us know you’d like to join us. We do our best to fit in as many guest stars as possible and we’d love to have you!

Can’t wait to see you on air!





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