Bookish Date Ideas: Book Picnic

Whether you’re joined by your book boyfriend/girlfriend or you have a real-life bookish bae, it’s time to go on a bookish picnic!

Creating a bookish picnic is the perfect opportunity to lay out on a luxurious comforter or blanket, read a book or talk books, eat yummy snacks on a beautiful day!

Step 1: Grab a comforter!

I got mine from Walmart for $15 specifically for this photo shoot!


Step 2: Add pillows!

This adds the elegance of the setting and gives you somewhere nice to lay your head while reading, talking, or…whatever.

Step 3: Picnic basket + snacks!

Grab a pretty picnic basket, add in other bowls and trays if helpful, and then put out some of your favorite snacks—I went with amazing fruits!


Step 4: Add in floral accents!

Real or faux, level-up your picnic with fabulous greenery.

If you’re planning on takings photos or videos, try to set a color scheme for best results! 

Be sure to add anything that feels luxurious to you for your date!


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♬ SUNNY DAY - Matteo Rossanese

Solo date (a.k.a. with your book boyfriend/girlfriend)

This date is all about y-o-u! Make your setting luxurious and settle in with your current read with your snacks.

Make sure you have a big hat to block the sun while you’re reading, and really go overboard on the pillows! You want to create the comfort of your own bed but outside in nature.

Feel free to add some mood music on your phone and then relax and read!

Bonus points: FaceTime with a friend who is having their own picnic and do it together even while apart!

With your bookish person

With this date-for-two, you want to focus on creating a comfortable space for both of you. You might need to go easy on some of the decor, use less pillows, etc, but don’t skimp on the snacks and books!

Use this time to talk about books you’re reading, discuss literary things, and feel posh about your conversation.

And if a swoony kissing scene happens to play out, all the better!

Bonus: Find a fun kissing scene in a. book, read it out loud together…and then maybe give it a try.

Can Father Time's daughter stop him from destroying the future and save the Holiday Court?

Are you going to try this bookish date?

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