Bookish Valentine's Day Brunch

Let’s throw a bookish brunch!

Wether you’re hosting a virtual Valentine’s Day event with your bookish besties or you’re decking your place out for yourself, it’s time to grab your favorite brunch staples and create an epic bookish party with your fav book couples!

Here’s some ideas for you:

The Food

Brunch is what you want it to be, but bonus points for picking foods that go with your books.

Match cover colors, match foods from the story, or pick items that remind you of the characters.

Here are some of my recommendations:

*Heart shaped waffles







*Mini marshmallows

*White chocolate chips


Behind The Scenes Of My Bookish Brunch

Ultimate Bookish Brunch Treat

While creating my Valentine’s Day content, I discovered the most magical treat I’ve ever had! Here’s what I did:

1.) Make mini heart shaped waffles

2.) Add a white chocolate chip to each dip in the waffle

3.) Microwave for 15 seconds to make the white chocolate a bit melty

4.) Add raspberries to the top

And it’s the yummiest thing I’ve ever had. I highly recommend trying it!

Pro tip: look for foods with pink, red, and purple coloring if you’re going for an awesome aesthetic look!

Brunch Decor

Brunch isn’t complete without some amazing decor!

Grab all of your cute pillows, cozy blankets, trays and cute bowls and set to work creating your space.

I’m all about eating on the floor (careful if you have pets or small kids!) so I put down a blanket, then added a few more in for good measure, and topped it off with a bunch of pillows.

Next, I added in a bunch of marble trays, some plates, and used accent white bowls for my fruit.

You can also add in things like hat boxes, purses, and other cute elements to make the photos look pretty too!

Need More For Your Brunch Party?

I made a free Valentine’s Day Bookish Scavenger Hunt for you!

Download the free game here!

Have everyone print out a copy

Set a timer for 5 minutes

Whoever fills out the most answers using books from their shelves of devices in that time wins

To play again, ban repeat answers and set the timer again using new books as answers

Are you doing a Bookish Valentine’s Day Brunch this year? Let me know how it goes!



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