The Golden Trilogy

Goldilocks wasn’t naive. She was sent on a mission and Dov Baer is her new target. Best selling authors have compared it to Hunger Games and Divergent and have called it a “must read!”

The Jaded Duology

One chooses life. One chooses death. In the midst of chaos only one will succeed. Authors call it the “YA Dystopian Mr.&Mrs. Smith” and call it perfect for fans of Divergent  & The Selection.

The Siren Wars Saga

What happens when the sirens drag the mermaids into a war with the humans? Fans have called it the mermaid series they’ve been waiting for!

Virtually Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is trapped inside a virtual reality game.To wake her up, he must enter the game and help her beat it.

The Legends Chronicles

Little Miss Muffet, Spider, Bo Peep, and other nursery rhymes are hackers working to bring down the villainous Piper before he destroys them all.

The Sinking

A dark, twisted retelling of The Little Mermaid that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about the original…and the ocean.

The Goose Girl and the Artificial

What if the Goose Girl had an artificially intelligent handmaiden…and she stole the princess’ identity? A techy retelling of the Goose Girl.

The Revolution of Jack Frost

The team is trapped in a bunker with a weather machine that is out of control and only one person can stop it…the man that became the legend—Jack.


Cinderella is an assassin who uses nanobots to cover her face. When the prince slices open her foot around her unique shoe, he uses the injury to track her down, but Cindrill’s nanobots might trick him when the run into each other outside the palace.



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