War has hovered around the kingdom of Scylla for generations ever since the original sirens left the mer collection generations ago after nearly drowning the human prince. Over the years, select mermaids from the royal bloodline have been trained as spies to work for the reigning kings and queens, keeping the collection safe from sirens and humans.

Celena and her partner, Merrick, work covertly for the royals—not even her twin brother knows. When they discover the sirens have broken through the barriers the mer set up to keep the sirens out, Celena and her friends must race to the old kingdom of Metten to stop them from starting a war within their borders.

When she’s dragged to the surface, Celena realizes that the war above the waters is as deadly as the one below the waves—and sacrificing herself may be the only way to protect her family.

The Siren Wars have only just begun.

"A well-placed accusation—even a small, insignificant one—has the power to change the tides and start a war."

The first complete trilogy in the Saga is now available. The Celena's Story omnibus is now available!

The prequel novella, Origins of the Siren Wars, is available inside of the Of The Deep Mermaid anthology, and will be available as a standalone this fall.

The Siren Wars

Book One

Beyond the Shores

Book Three

Darker Depths

Book Two

Origins Of The Siren Wars

Prequel Novella

Merrick is a brooding and extremely smart merman that works with Celena secretly to spy for the queen. He’s a hard worker, exceptionally good at evaluating situations, and hates keeping secrets from Celena’s twin—one of his best friends—Caspian. Working with his other best friend, Llyr, makes it easier though. But he’s not just keeping secrets from his friends—he’s keeping them from Celena too.

Meet Celena and Merrick

Celena is the main mermaid in The Siren Wars Saga.

She’s a member of the royal family, but she’s not the reigning royal.

She assists her mother’s cousin, the queen, by spying for her.

Celena is well trained in the art of spy work, self defense, and deception—not even her twin, younger sister, or father know that her mother trained her.

She works with Merrick (a super gorgeous, blue-haired merman) and their friend, Llry, to locate the sirens that may or may not have broken through the barrier and snuck into Scylla.

She has pink hair, a purple tail, and loves dressing up…and hiding weapons in her outfit.

Morgen, Dylana, Llyr, Merrick, Celena, Caspian, Coralie, Natale, Keone, Tarni, Nir, Roni, Tiko, Phorcys

In the world of The Siren Wars,

the sirens are mermaids and mermen who started a war with humans.

When the bond between land and sea is severed, it launched a war under the waters as well.

Now, the mer must survive both the human attacks and the sirens’ plots,

and their royal spies are the only ones that can save them.

Character Artwork

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Did You Know

My mermaids don’t have traditional mermaid tails. These mermaids are much more fancy and their tails look like they stitched a bunch of giant beta fish fins together and added to the bottom of their tails.

They’re glamorous mermaids.

They also love seashell crowns and pearls on their iluses.


While writing this story, I wanted to really feel like I was under the sea with my characters, so I pulled up an aquarium reef feed and kept it in the lower right corner of my computer screen for a good deal of writing the book. A lot of the descriptions come directly from what I was looking at while I was writing.

On the other hand, quite a bit of the descriptions were also from real-life experiences. What can I say? I’m a girl who loves the ocean!

Origins of the Siren Wars

A century before The Siren Wars Saga takes place, Princess Aila and her cousin, Princess Persephone, sat on the steps of the human palace leading into the sea when humans and mer were friends.

When Persephone falls in love with the human princess and breaks the human-mer treaty to siren him into her arms, a war is started.

Discover the origins of The Siren Wars.

**currently available in the Of The Deep Mermaid Anthology (will be available as a standalone novella in the fall)

Which Was Written First—The Series Or The Prequel Novella?

A Look At The Siblings

I always loved the idea of having a twin, but I haven’t had the opportunity to write them yet, so when I met Caspian on page one of this series, I instantly knew he and Celena were twins.

The two are very close, but they’ve both been forced to keep secrets from each other and I love seeing what happens when those darknesses come to light.

I also completely adore how the two take care of each other and their younger sister, Coralie.


Celena, Caspian, and Coralie aren’t the only siblings in the series. The reigning royals also have important siblings, as do some of the villains.

Each cover in the Siren Wars Saga has a unique crown on it.

These crowns were all handmade by me for the shoots for the covers. The crowns exist in real life and you can see me wear them from time to time in Siren-related videos and live broadcasts.

Fact: they can be heavy.



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