Mulan Dragon Shifter

The province doesn’t know Mulan is a dragon shifter—if they find out, she could be killed. She’s also the only one that can save them all.


This version of Mulan’s story is based on the two original Mulan ballads where there were more than one woman who worked as warriors in the army! 

Mulan Dragon Shifter

There are no female dragon shifters in Yan Liu…except Mulan and her family. Only the enemy province has women with scales, so when they attack the Center as Mulan is dropping off her twin brother for his assignment with the army, she’s forced to play the role of a non-existent brother after she shifts and rushes into the battle to protect her real twin.

Together, they must lie to their commanding officer—Mulan’s secret boyfriend—and the entire army to protect her from their wrath should they find out and consider her an enemy, but Mulan’s special gift might be too great to keep her secret hidden for long. She may be the only one that can save the kingdom and return the black jade blossom to the emperor.

Can Mulan survive the war, navigate two men vying for her attention, and keep her scales hidden long enough to return the province’s life source to her people, or will dark, hidden forces destroy everything and cause her plans to burn hotter than her scale-melting dragon flames?

Each dragon has it's own unique coloring and markings....mostly to make sure readers didn't mix them up in the air during the fights because my dragons can only communicate through motions and sounds—no words—which makes communication harder for them!

Mulan Dragon Shifter Characters

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She’s secretly a dragon shifter, but the army can’t know—it could mean her death.  Her dragon gift, however, could be their only salvation.

He’s the lieutenant general and Mulan’s new superior—and secret boyfriend before she accidentally joins the army.

He’s Mulan’s childhood friend and first love.

He’s Mulan’s twin brother and he to work with her to hide her secret to protect their entire family from the army’s wrath,

She’s not happy she accidentally ended up with the army, but while they’re protecting her, she’ll act as their cook and help out where she can.

She’s the only woman who was supposed to be a part of the army. She works as a medic under the protection of one of the generals.

He’s Jinhai’s friend, but he’s willing to protect Mulan as fiercely as her brother is—he’s a skilled fighter.

She’s the youngest of the women in the army and is terrified to be there. She’s working as a seamstress and learning to protect herself with lessons from the other women.

He’s Jinhai’s friend, but he’s willing to protect Mulan as fiercely as her brother is—he gets himself into trouble with her sometimes.

Character Artwork

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The title page of Mulan Dragon Shifter is a two-page spread that depicts one of the scenes from the book! Can you spot our girl and guys as they rush into battle?

Love a good chapter header?

Mulan wasn’t even on my list of stories to retell until one day the image of her as a dragon hit me…and then the entire book fell into place. 

Why a love triangle?

I’m not a fan of love triangles usually, but I made an exception for this book because I knew Mulan had two strong men in her life…and I wanted to double my kissing scenes. Admit it, you liked that.

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