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Weekly Audiobook Podcast

Tuesday: New audiobook episode releases

+ print and ebook versions release with bonus spicy content

Friday: Break down episode releases where I explain why I wrote what I wrote to help authors write better retellings

Bonus episodes: first chapters of other novels, guest appearances, listener challenge episodes, Q&As, and more sprinkled throughout the season

Upcoming Episodes

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Above The City

Sleeping beauty was cursed, indeed, but only her mortal body slept. Her soul was taken by the enchantress and now she fights an internal war cloaked in wings as she attempts to free herself—or take over—banishing the enchantress with the help of the man it’s taken her a century to find to assist in her plot. When the spindle brings the battle to an end, will anyone survive?

Away And Again

Rapunzel is trapped in a prison high above the ground, forcing her to watch the world below without any hope of experiencing freedom…until her hot air balloon is forced to land where she’s forbidden to go and she meets a man that shows her how to defeat the witch that condemned her to a life of isolation. 

She has a taste for revenge…and the man that’s going to help her get it.

Of Shadow And Mist

Red Riding Hood didn’t go into the woods by choice—she was a sacrifice to the king’s men in hopes it would protect the city from the violent moods of their ruler and the men that slaughter them.

Little does anyone suspect she has the powder to tame their leader, go after the king, and unleash horrors unlike any her country has seen.

The City Of Silence

Grifting with her father since birth, Cinderella has only known the life of a skilled con…but when her father died, she started the greatest grift of all: surviving her father’s last mark…her step mother.

Now grown, she enlists the help of her childhood friend to target her step sisters with the promise of a lucrative marriage to a foreign prince that will destroy their name and fortune forever.

The Fate Of Diamonds

Frail and innocent, Snow White persuades a group of men to protect and shelter her from a dangerous man that’s trying to find her. She convinces them the jewels from the mines they work in won’t be missed by the king and could save her from a horrible fate.

Instead, she uses the riches to launch a war against the prince she was supposed to marry and destroys everyone in the process.

Manipulation is easy when they think you’re the weaker person.

Siren's Crown

Her lover exiled her when she brought into the world the thing that could destroy it: a siren.

He masks the young girl as a royal mermaid—a princess that will never inherit the crown—and banished her mother to the depths of the sea leaving no one to know of her supposed crimes.

But the sea witch is ready to right her wrongs and disposing of the siren she created will help her win back her position and save the underwater kingdom from the king’s inability to see the truth.

Fear From The Depths

The little mermaid wants freedom for her kingdom…and taking on legs might be the key to slaying the human prince and capturing his kingdom. Her sister sent her on a mission but the prince has other opportunities in mind for the woman who washed up on shore. 

Someone is lying to her…but her own lies might be the ones to make them all burn.


Mulan was a quietly renowned video game designer until her rival built an AI to destroy what she had created. Now she has to go undercover as a male avatar to defeat her enemy and save her company…but the quirky new player that entered her chat may have other plans for her.

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Where is the podcast available?

Podcast episodes will be available on all major listening platforms and on the website once we launch in June 2023

Where will the books be available?

Print and ebooks will be available on all major book buying platforms. Each book will release the same day as the podcast episode.

 Signed copies available on special request (email me)

Will the podcast feature other authors?

Yes, as bonus episodes! You’ll get to see some first chapters, guest appearances, and there will even be challenges to feature some of our listeners (established authors and aspiring authors)

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A Note From K.M.

I’m so thrilled to launch this new podcast with weekly free audiobooks for the community! During episodes you’ll get some fun breaks to talk industry things, author life, and get questions answered!

Each book/ebook will have bonus content I don’t read in the podcast episode (so if you want the heat turned up even more, I got you!)

And I’m so excited to open up several types of challenges and give opportunities for you to meet other authors and get your own work seen by the podcast audience!

I have big plans! We’re starting off with audiobook episodes and books but by the end of summer we’re going to be doing some incredible things with you!

Follow along: I’ll be dropping the official release date soon (it will be in June!)

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Podcast Launches In June—watch my socials for the date reveal! See you in June!