Episodes Launching June 2023

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Weekly Audiobook Podcast

Each week I'll be releasing two episodes: an audiobook recording of a fully completed novella and an episode breaking down those choices to help writers create better content.

Bonus episodes: first chapters of other novels, guest appearances, listener challenge episodes, Q&As, and more sprinkled throughout the season

When Will My Commercial Run?

Each podcast episode is a full reading of a free audiobook. During the course of the audiobook narration, there will be several commercial breaks where your ad can run.

Ads will be created and read by me (discussed with you beforehand and script will be approved before recording and inserting into an episode) but if you’d like to create your own commercial to insert into an episode, we can absolutely discuss how that can work for you (pricing does not change if you record your own)

How Does It Work?

You can book single ads or bundle rate ads (3+ get a discount and will appear in different episodes back-to-back to reinforce your product to the listeners—I highly recommend running multiple if you want to see higher buy through)

You’ll send info on your product once accepted and I’ll create a 15-30 second script that will be recorded and added to episodes once it is approved)

*Bundle deals can be the same script or different script

Tell Me About The Audience

The podcast is launching in June 2023. I have over 27k TikTok followers, over 2.3 million YouTube views, and I’m offering weekly free audiobooks…the statistics are likely to be high from the start, will sway female from mid 20s-30s, and will be defined in greater detail here once we launch and have direct stats to share.

Early episodes will be especially helpful for authors, but many of my current brand partnership clients may want to consider placing ads, especially in the earlier episodes.

My TikTok ads have average 20-60k views for individually authors’ books.

Want to go beyond an ad?

Once the podcast is established, I'll be offering longer ads where I'll read the first chapter of your novels in a dedicated bonus episode (and more expanded ad types) so look for those late Summer/early Fall

Multi-time Bestselling Author

K.M. Robinson is a social media educator and speaker who helps entrepreneurs build profitable businesses through smart social media marketing with easy content creation. She’s been spotlighted by Facebook for her innovative work in the field, and has appeared on CBS News nationally, NBC news nationally, News Week, Business News Daily, Writer’s Weekly, Authority Magazine, Evie Magazine, Thrive Global, Newsweek, New York Comic Con, Penned Con Charleston, Penned Con St Louis, MerMagic Con, Live Con, and has partnered with companies like TikTok, Zynn, BeLive, Restream, Logitech and Lifetime. She specializes in livestreaming, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok growth. She is the founder of Livestream Action Plan, Social Time Saver, and IG Reels for Business. She’s also a bestselling fiction author.   

Are These Ads Only For Authors/Publishers?

Companies outside of publishing are welcome to run ads! In my businesses, I’ve worked with major tech companies, television networks, social media platforms, and more! If you’re looking for a highly engaged audience of readers, this is for you!


Audiobook Episode: $170 per ad (3 spaces per episode) bundle rate discounts available when you book 3+ at once

Writing Craft Episode: $100 per ad (3 spaces per episode) bundle rate discounts available when you book 3+ at once

1st Chapter Reading Dedicated Bonus Episode: $500 (available soon…book early!)


Guest Appearances

Guest appearances are a free opportunity for authors to join me while I’m doing a bonus reading episode, taking part in a challenge with me, etc

These spots will be opening starting in July/August—contact me now to get on the consideration list.

Want To Write With Me

As the podcast grows, I’ll be inviting authors to do challenge episodes with me where we take the same concept and each write our own versions.

I may even open it up to co-writing an episode with me in the future.

Express your interest now because this list will fill up quickly.

A Note From K.M.

While this is a brand new podcast, my track record has proven to be a fruitful investment for marketers working with me.

I anticipate this podcast to do well given it’s free audiobooks every single week…but I also anticipate the first three episodes to get a bunch of hits as people test it out to see if it’s for them and as future people join they usually test the first episodes out as well.

I had originally planned to charge more for ad access to these first three episodes but I’ve decided I’ll keep the pricing the same as a gift to support the community and the first handful of people who book ads will be the ones to benefit from being a part of the opening episodes.

Current pricing will remain the same throughout the summer and go up starting in the Fall.