Host a 4 week/day program at your library for your patrons to learn about writing retellings (twisted fairytales/legends/lore/etc) with the industry-proclaimed “queen of retellings”

With over two dozen published novels, appearances on stages across the country, and a massive social media following, K.M. is the perfect fit for your library's book writing event!

K.M. Robinson is a social media educator and speaker who helps entrepreneurs build profitable businesses through smart social media marketing with easy content creation. She’s been spotlighted by Facebook for her innovative work in the field, and has appeared on CBS News nationally, NBC news nationally, Business News Daily, Writer’s Weekly, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Newsweek, New York Comic Con, Penned Con Charleston, Penned Con St Louis, MerMagic Con, Live Con, and has partnered with companies like TikTok, Zynn, BeLive, Restream, and Logitech. She specializes in livestreaming, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok growth. She’s also a bestselling fiction author.   

She has over 27k followers on TikTok, her Likewise community is over 1.1M, and her YouTube videos frequently have 40k-90k views.

She’s had the #7, 74, and 87th bestselling book out of all books on Amazon and all of them have been #1 in their categories.

K.M.’s mother was children’s librarian/director of a library, and K.M. is a former school teacher, so she has lots of experience in working with library programs.


K.M.'s Retellings

Golden—Goldilocks was a spy sent on a mission

Cindrill—Cinderella was an assassin sent to the ball

The Conspiracy of Jack Frost—Jack has to stop an out of control weather machine, but someone inside their bunker is about to betray them all

Lions and Lamps—Aladdin has to steal a steampunk airship in a deadly competition 

The Sinking—A human is tricked into the ocean and has to fight to get her legs back with the help of a handsome mer prince as the sea witch tries to silence her

Mulan Dragon Shifter—Only the enemy women can shift into dragon form, and Mulan’s secrets—including her secret boyfriend—could destroy her

Sugarcoated—Hansel and Gretel’s with is working with them (and is Hansel’s secret girlfriend) and takes the fall when their plan fails

The Holiday Court Series—The daughters of Father Time, Santa, Cupid, and other court leaders have to stop Father Time from destroying the future

Along Came a Spider—Cyberpunk Little Miss Muffet must stop the evil Piper when he kidnaps her boss, forcing her to work with double/triple agent Spider to save them all

The Goose Girl and the Artificial—An artificially intelligent handmaiden steals the princess’ identity in an effort to assassinate the foreign  prince

Blood Is Silent—Little Red Riding Hood is a circus aerialist and the wolf wants to cage her…but not for the reasons you think

Virtually Sleeping Beauty—Sleeping Beauty is trapped inside a video game and can’t wake up in the real world…to save her, he has to enter the game and help her beat it…but she outranks him and has totally got this with or without the eye candy knight


4 Week Program

Week 1—What Makes A Good Retelling

We’ll break down parts of a good retelling, how to work in the original stories, how to research original stories, how to avoid copyright infringement, and how to come up with good twists. (Homework: come up with potential topic ideas for your stories)

Week 2—Brain Storming and Character Creation

We’ll come up with ideas for each person’s story, help develop the twists, and talk about creating a character bible so they can flesh out and track characters throughout their writing. (Homework: plan out your main characters)

Week 3—Plotting/Planning Your Story

We’ll break down the different types of writing (plotting to pantsing) and help develop a plan for their stories + get started on plotting. (Homework: plot your story)

Week 4—Next Steps

We’ll discuss what to do after they finish their manuscript, next steps to take, red flags to watch out for, and break down best practices, grammar to watch for, etc in their writing. We’ll also help refine their story plotting during this final meeting.

After the 4 weeks/days, they’ll be prepared to write their stories in the most effective, stress-free way for their writing style.

Each meeting is a mini master class, workshop, and open Q&A rolled into an hour to help them learn and grow within the industry and give them their best chance for successful writing.

**Keep in mind, this program is designed to get them prepared to write their story and give them all the pieces they need to succeed—writing the story is up to them once the program ends.

This is not a one-size-fits-all program because no two writers are alike, so during the course of conversation, we’ll be equipping them to work within their own writing strategies, helping develop their individual skills, and giving them many paths to pick their correct fit from.

Get K.M. At Your Event

This program is best done over the course of a month, meeting once a week so participants have time to think and work in between the mini master classes/workshops, but can be held in a single week if needed. Each meeting is an hour long and consists of education and workshopping their stories.

In our experience, the more of an event you can make it, the better the turn out and engagement is—so consider turning it into an event worth documenting on social media (we have lots of experience with that if you want help planning the event!)

We’re excited to speak with you about your upcoming book writing program at your library.