Kept alive by an unrelenting Shadow spirit, Neverland is thriving under the care of Peter Pan as he sacrifices the young boys he steals and turns into crocodiles to his master. On a floating island filled with gaudy wonders and inhabitants, Wendy must find and free her brothers and as many lost boys as she can.

Enlisting the help of the captain of the army—her childhood best friend, Jameson—and his deadly hook that’s barely sharper than his silver tongue and flirtatious ways, she must face a dark world of spies, assassins, and spirits all trying to stop their team from extracting the boys and ending Pan’s reign of tyranny, but his secret connection to Wendy might just be her undoing.

On an island that’s as deadly as its people, Wendy only has one chance to save them all and make up for her mistakes of the past.

Coming soon in hardcover, paperback, and ebook!