Hansel and Gretel’s witch was actually on their side, working with them to assassinate the Mad King. She will take the fall.


Sugarcoated Characters

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Annika has the gift of illusion, meaning she can transform anything to look like something else. For example, a normal house might look like a candy house. What’s no illusion is her feelings for Hansel, the boy spearheading an assassination attempt against the Mad King, and Annika swilling to risk her life—and bakery—to help.

Hansel’s gift is control of light (physical) and light (life) and he’s the only one who can saves little sister after they assassinate the Mad King. His distraction over Annika has tore put aside as their plan starts to unravel, but his inventiveness with technology might just be able to save them all.

Though young, Gretel controls life and death. She can grow or kill any plant, animal, or human simply with her touch. Her sole mission at twelve years old is to free the kingdom from the Mad King…but the cost could be deadly to more people than just her.


This was written for a twisted villains anthology where the history books lied about the villains. Hansel and Gretel’s witch wasn’t evil…she took the fall when the assassination attempt failed.


I have a necklace shaped just like the one Annika wears in the story. In fact, I had the necklace first and wrote it in!

Character Artwork

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In honor of Sugarcoated’s release, I visited local chocolate factory, Moka Origins, to take you on a tour + do live broadcasts on Facebook and Instagram. Here’s what happened:

I love the almost-sister relationship between Annika and Gretel. The little girl has always looked up to Annika and is perfectly well aware that her brother has a crush on her mentor. Will she successfully get her brother and mentor together?

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