Steampunk Aladdin

On A Mission To Steal An Air Ship


The Stealing Steam Series was inspired by a fan who asked me if I’d consider writing steampunk?

I also used local history to influence the story—my hometown is the site of the first train in the western hemisphere!

Lions and Lamps

Aladdin-meets-steampunk in this brand-new retelling from K.M. Robinson

All wishes require sacrifice…are you willing to pay the price?

Cyra spent the last seven years being trained to steal an airship in a brutal competition that leaves the victor with millions. Last year, she won.

Aladdin spent the past year fighting to get enough money to take his mother away from Horallen after his father was murdered. Now, his evil Uncle Kacper wants to force him into the competition and straight to his death inside the Collection Cave.

When Aladdin discovers a genie said to have been banished a century ago, the competition becomes even deadlier, and he knows he can’t trust the girl who snuck into the competition this year…but Cyra might not survive his ruthlessness either in a game where only the lion’s heart can win.

All wishes require sacrifice, and someone is going to pay the price for the Stourbridge.

Perfect for fans of Ready Player One, Cinder, Mortal Engines, and Etiquette and Espionage.

Lions and Lamps Characters

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Suffering after his father’s murder, Aladdin’s only goal is to get his mother out of Horallen and away from his hideous uncle. If stealing an air ship on behalf of his late father’s younger brother is his ticket to freedom, he’s willing to risk everything for thee chance of escape.

Taken in as a child by the Governor, Cyra has been trained for most of her life to steal the air ship iin a deadly competition. Last year, she won. This year, she has to sneak into the competition and steal an even bigger air ships in hopes of rescuing the other orphans from the streets she once lived on and no one is going to stop her.

Once human, the now-genie has been trapped in a lamp inside the Collection Cave for years. Friendly and well-meaning, Javed works to guide the owner of the lamp to making wise wishes…but Javed has an agenda of his own.

Aladdin’s uncle is an Official in Horallen—well respected and liked int he community—but his attention toward Aladdin’s mother since his brother died has only served to enfuriate his nephew and give him the ammunition Kacper needs to destroy the boy and take him out of play.

It’s up to the public to guess if Byron is more man or more machine, but whatever the case, he automatically follows Kacper’s lead, acting as his right hand man and attack dog. He’s a man of few words and great strength—especially when he’s on the hunt.

The Governor is the richest man in Horallen after his adopted daughter, Cyra, won the competition last year and stole the air ship, Empress. This year, he’s training a new boy to take Cyra’s place, but over the years, he’s come to love Cyra like his real daughter, which often gets in the way.

Friend or foe, you never know with Simon. Mercenary at best, enemy at worst, Simon knows everything that happens in Horallen and watches from a distance until he can benefit from it in some way. He considers Cyra a friend after helping her last year…but that was last year.

As Cyra’s replacement in the competition, Levi bounces between taunting and despising Cyra to flirting with her. He firmly believes he’s better than everyone else and can easily win the competition—but his big head might cause more problems than he thinks.

With a clock embedded at the back of her skull, Lady de Ghent is the widow of a former Official, giving her access to all of Horallen even without her husband. She carries a hidden sword in her cane and acts like a charming little old lady, but it’s all an act.

The Proprietor created the air ship for the competition last year…and this year, he hijacked the competition for his own games. He walks on stilts and keeps many secrets, one of which is his connection to everyone.


The covers of the Stealing Steam Series all contain different lamps and bottles. These are significant to the story and foreshadow what is coming in the series. The last cover is the biggest twist of them all.

Character Artwork

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The Stourbridge Lion was actually the first train in the United States and took its first run in my hometown in Pennsylvania. I added in references to my town’s history in the book for those who know about it!

Horallen was named after Horatio Allen, the man in charge of the Stourbridge Lion! Want to know what other references I made?

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This version of Aladdin is based off of the original where Aladdin was actually a lazy boy who lived with his mother. While my Aladdin is anything but lazy, he’s not an orphan. Instead, my princess, Cyra, took on that role—she’s unlike any version of the princess you’ve ever seen (with a few nods toward the beloved Disney version, of course!)

Chapter Headers

Both chapter headers are designed after accessories Aladdin and Cyra have in the story. Read to find out where they come into play!


I like to try different types of romances in my story and I knew Aladdin and Cyra wouldn’t get along at first…after all, they’re both after the same prize…and both cut-throat.

Possibly my favorite scene in the entire book is when they both meet for the first time—Cyra’s reaction is the best thing ever!

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