Wendy and Captain Hook Have To Stop Pan’s Evil Plan And Free Neverland

Kept alive by an unrelenting Shadow spirit, Neverland is thriving under the care of Peter Pan as he sacrifices the young boys he steals and turns into crocodiles to his master. On a floating island filled with gaudy wonders and inhabitants, Wendy must find and free her brothers and as many lost boys as she can.

Enlisting the help of the captain of the army—her childhood best friend, Jameson—and his deadly hook that’s barely sharper than his silver tongue and flirtatious ways, she must face a dark world of spies, assassins, and spirits all trying to stop their team from extracting the boys and ending Pan’s reign of tyranny, but his secret connection to Wendy might just be her undoing.

On an island that’s as deadly as its people, Wendy only has one chance to save them all and make up for her mistakes of the past.


Wendy’s childhood best friend and captain of the team working to bring down Pan. His hook is barely sharper than his silver tongue and flirtatious ways.


Initiated a rescue mission to the floating island of Neverland after her brothers were kidnapped with the help of her best friend…too bad she has a wild crush on him.


Neverland is thriving under his care as he turns the abducted boys into crocodiles to sacrifice to his master in order to keep his kingdom youthful and vibrant. He has. secret connection to Wendy that might be her undoing.


Secret agent sent to Neverland as a child to spy for the resistance and help from the inside—he’s the only one that survived Pan’s wrath and he might not survive much longer.


The older of Wendy’s two brothers. Tries to protect Michael and the other boys as best he can.


Wendy’s youngest brother. Though he’s scared, he is as brave as he can be while trapped in Neverland.


Dangerous and deadly mermaid who is prepared to protect her lagoon and the remaining members of her collection after Pan’s war against them.


Pan’s fixer on the island, she can transform into her tiger shape at will, causing destruction to anyone who stands against Pan and the island.


You find out why Jameson has a hook in the first two chapters of the book…and you won’t believe who did it!


The inhabitants of Neverland are kept young because Pan sacrifices the croc boys to his master..but who IS his master? You’ll find out soon!

Character Artwork

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Because this story is on Kindle Vella, I’m writing it as we go! I’m only a few chapters ahead of what you’re reading because I want you to be able to help make decisions on who kisses, who gets ripped apart, who lives and who dies, etc…to let your voice be heard, follow me on Instagram to sound off with your answers!

This story is an ongoing serial book, meaning a new chapter will be dropped every week until the book is complete—and YOU decide if it’s going to be longer or shorter (based on your interaction with it as it goes!)

The first three chapters are free, the rest will be paid for by coin and will end up costing a bit less than a normal ebook when all is said and done.

I’ll be watching your comments to decide what horrible fates, swoony kissing scenes, and even potential love triangles will happens we go—I’m only a few chapters ahead of you, so you truly get to influence this story as it’s happening!

Once the story is complete, I’m allowed to turn it into a physical book 30 days after!

Get ready…Neverland is about to get dark!



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