The only way Jade can stop her murder is to make her new husband fall in love with her…

One chooses life. One choose death.

In the midst of chaos,

only one will survive.

“JADED is the YA dystopian version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In other words, it’s amazing and keeps you on the edge of your seat.”

-Elle Beaumont, author of Hunter’s Truce

Jaded (The Jaded Duology)

If the only way to stay alive was to convince your new husband not to murder you and make it look like an accident, could you do it?

At eighteen, Jade shouldn’t have to be forced to marry the son of her father’s enemy as part of a revenge plot for a failed rebellion. When she’s thrown into the life of being the wife of the Commander’s son and heir, her only hope for survival is convincing Roan Diamond to actually fall in love with her so that he doesn’t kill her on his father’s wishes.

While a dutiful son, Roan shouldn’t have to trick his new wife into believing his family accepts her, but as the only one in a position to make the country believe Jade is part of their family, he will do what he has to before his family murders his young bride and makes it look like an accident to get back at Jade’s father.

With half the country trying to protect Jade and the other half oblivious to the atrocities committed at the Commander’s hand, it’s a race to see who will win at a deadly game of cat and mouse.

One chooses life. One chooses death. In the midst of chaos, only one will succeed.


The first book in the Jaded Duology has been called the “YA Dystopian Mr. and Mrs. Smith” by authors and is perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Selection.

Warning: The emotional roller coaster in this book has caused fans to create actual emotional support groups after reading this dangerously exciting book.


Jade suffers from severe allergies to anything scented (perfumes, air fresheners, flowers, paint, etc) and the Commander and Roan use this against her, but these allergies are based on my own allergic reactions too…everything.

So many people suffer from similar allergies, but the world in general doesn’t acknowledge them, and I wanted to give people like myself a voice through Jade’s story…and what better torture device for the Diamond family to use against her! The Diamonds created the garden behind  Jade and  Roan’s house specifically to make her life difficult.



Play the interactive, choose-your-own-adventure game and run missions for Jade’s mentor, Mr. Eroh, as he works behind the scenes to help save her from Commander Diamond and his son—Jade’s new husband, Roan.

Once you’re done with the game, read the story and see how your choices in the game affected Jade in the story! Careful though, this is life and death and if you don’t make the right choice…

See if you can help Jade survive at

Character Artwork

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The butterfly scene is based off a real-life event that happened to me when when I was home from college on summer break.  My sister was there, too, but she doesn’t actually remember it, but while I could take full credit for coming up with this, you should know, I just wanted to share my experience with all of you.

Butterflies are especially meaningful to me because I used to raise and release them. On the occasion that one fell and broke its wings, the gentleman who owned the butterfly business would sent the broken and crinkled ones to use to keep and protect for the duration of their lives since they couldn’t fly and eat by themselves. I have many stories about the Crinkles we used to protect.

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While I love both sets of covers (and fans RAVED about both the originals and the current covers) I’m a firm believer in updating. Whether it’s websites, book covers, or my wardrobe, I love a good make over!

The entire book series was based off of a photo series I made years before writing Jaded, so I incorporated the images into the original covers about the rise and fall of Jade Jareau Diamond.

When I updated, I wanted to pull in that pivotal butterfly scene in the cover, and thus was born the make over.

The version with the current look actually made Jaded reach #114 in the entire Amazon store (not just categories or genres where it was #1, but every book in existence on the site)  the day after Christmas, when all the books were being bought by all the people and competition was fierce.

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In this episode of Book Snack Sat, I teach fans how to create a Jaded-inspired dessert!

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With dual points of view in the duology, I wanted to make sure both Jade and Roan had their own voice and presence within the books. Each of them have their own custom headers in Jaded and Risen that go with the big moments inside of each story. Which is your favorite?


Wondering what happened the first time Jade saw her wedding dress before she ever met Roan?

Want to know what happens between books 1 and 2 when Jade and Roan discover a box of old Christmas decorations in Mr. Eroh’s new shop?

I’m giving the Wedding Dress scenes away on Facebook. Head over to my Messenger and click the Bonus Scenes tab inside the DM box once you click Get Started. My bot assistant, Allie, will help you out!
The Christmas scene can be found on my blog or directly here!

Scroll over to flip to learn about Jade/Roan

Jade Jareau Diamond

Name: Jade Jareau Diamond

Age: 18

Birthday: June 8

Hair Color: Golden with bits of brown and red

Hair Length: very long (beyond waist)

Eye Color: green with blue tones

Distinguishing features: Wide shoulders, tall, long hair

Clothing style: Pretty dresses, flowy materials, shattered edges, fashionista

Hobbies: Reading, helping her boss fix things around the shop, swimming, hanging out at the bakery with Annie

Favorite color: purple

Family: Father, James. Her boss, Mr. Eroh is practically family. Roan Diamond is her new husband. Commander Robert Dimond and Alice are her in-laws.

Friends: Annie (bakery owner) Mr. Eroh (her boss)

Important life events: Father’s uprising failed when she was five. Was sentenced to marry the Commander’s son when she came of age. Was trained by her father and her boss to survive once she was married into family that would likely try to murder her.

Where she lives: She and her new husband, Roan, have a home on the Commander’s side of town

Where she grew up: In her father’s home on the far side of the country.

Other info: Jade is a fashionista. She is quietly rebellious. Her goal is to survive by making Roan fall in love with her. When she realizes she has to die or the people she loves will be hurt, she changes her plan and is prepared to give herself up. She’s also severely allergic to scented things like hand lotion, perfume, candles, flowers, etc This is something the Diamonds use against hurt. She is incredibly intuitive and can read a situation better than most people.

Roan Diamond

Name: Roan Diamond 

Age: 19

Birthday: March 13

Hair Color: blonde

Hair Length: short

Eye Color: hazel

Clothing style: Dresses like a politician, suits, dress shirts and pants

Hobbies: Reading, studying people, escaping from parties, learning how to lead a country

Grade or training level: Currently being groomed to take over as Commander after his father

Favorite color: Green

Family: Father, Commander Robert Diamond. Mother, Alice. Wife, Jade.

Friends: Lucas Montgomery, several of the men he works with

Important life events: Quelling the rebellion, marrying Jade, training to be Commander, following his father’s plans

Where he lives: In a house on his father’s side of the country

Where he grew up: In the Commander’s house

Other info: He grew up very privileged. He tries to help his father, but he questions what is right and wrong. Small rebellious moments.

Ever wonder what would happen if book characters could text each other?

Find out what would happen if Roan and Jade texted with each other…watch what they delete before sending too!

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One chooses life. One choose death. In the midst of chaos, only one will succeed.


You can actually find out what happened when Jade first saw her wedding dress and what made her decide to dye it before the Commander and his new husband, Road, saw her on the wedding day.

This is a prequel bonus scene I have hidden away on my Facebook Page. All you have to do is hop over there, send me a DM, and my bot assistant, Allie, will give it to you….and some bonus scenes from one of my other books. Because I’m that cool, wink wink.

Jaded Book Unboxing

Hair Comb Inspiration

Why Roan Is An Artist


The pool in Jaded is inspired by a waterfall in my aunt’s pool. While the pool in the story looks drastically different from the pool in this video, here is a behind the scenes look at the inspiration for the waterfall scenes in the story!





Find out what happens three weeks before Jaded starts when the Commander sends Jade’s wedding dress to her father’s house and her imminent death becomes “real.”



Find out what happens when Jade and Roan help Mr. Eroh clean the storage room between Jaded and Risen.

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The Boxset

Are you looking for the boxset?

The Jaded Duology boxset/omnibus with bonus novella, Alone, is coming out soon! Stay tuned for all the details!

Jaded Characters

Click the + button to expand each section and learn more about each character (including the one who bullied his way into my story!)

Jade is forced to marry Roan as part of the Commander’s plan to get revenge on her father. While she can’t openly oppose the Commander and his family, she does find small, rebellious ways to have her say against the Diamond family. She loves her father and friends with everything she’s got and she’s willing to sacrifice herself for them if she has to…and she might.

Son of the Commander, Roan’s sole job is to help murder his new wife, Jade, and learn to take over for his father once he retires. While his entire life is dictated by his parents’ wishes, he finds small moments to himself in the art house, painting in secret. He might not like or agree with his father’s murderous tactics, but he knows it’s for the best to protect their country and he’s willing to sacrifice his sole for the cause.

Robert Diamond acquired the role of President from his father, who claimed the position after the war. His goal is to make the country love him and never question when his new daughter-in-law dies in a tragic “accident” after marrying his son. He’s willing to do whatever he has to for revenge against James Jareau and to keep his hold on power over the country, be it poison, lies, or worse.

Wife of the Commander, Alice’s goal is to maintain a proper home, prepare her son to take over for his father one day, and present the perfect face of the Command for residents of their country. She knows only a bit of what her husband and son have planned, but she will always side with them even if she’s left out of the loop. She’s prim, proper, and hates Jade because she knows she is somehow hurting her son.

Lucas is a politician within the Command. He works along side of James Jareau under the direction of the Commander, and is good friends with the Commander’s son, Roan. But Lucas has secrets and an agenda of his own. (Side note: he was only meant to have one scene, but forced his way into a pivotal role in the story against my adamant protests. It took years for us to get along, but now we like each other.)

Mr. Eroh owns a pawn/antique shop in shop that Jade works for. He secretly acts as a mentor to her, training her to survive the Diamonds when he father is being too closely watched. He knows everything happening within the Command and has contacts and spies everywhere…but you’d never know it by his kind, grandfatherly demeanor.

Father to Jade, James is a political within the Command. When his daughter was very young, he led a rebellion against the Commander and was caught, but because he was so popular, the Commander couldn’t kill him ini front of the country. Now, he must watch helplessly as the Commander marries Jade to Roan, knowing the Commandeer’s goal is to hurt her to get back at him.

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