When her artificially intelligent handmaid steals her identity and plots to murder the foreign royals, can Goselyn save them all?

The Goose Girl and the Artifical Characters

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Goselyn is sent on a mission to form a treat with Prince Corinth…but when her artificially intelligent handmaid steals her identity, she has to keep everyone from finding out to save their lives.

The Prince’s job is to secure a treaty with Princess Goselyn when she travel to his kingdom, but she is nothing like he imagined. He needs to figure out whites going on before it’s too late.

Arta’s plan is to steal her Princess’ identity, murder the foreign king and prince, but she’s not the only one behind the coup.

Corinth’s father is an even-tempered ruler who knows much more than people give him credit for. He knows something is going on and is determined to get to the bottom fit before anyone else.

An artificially intelligent servant, Gand’s job is to tend the geese to keep them out of the fountain and off of the palace lawn. He’s not convinved Goselyn is an artificial sash claimed tone and he’s willing to do what it takes to expose her secret.

As Goselyn’s robot butler, Fal only wants to help. Unfortunately, dismantling the adorable robot is far too easy for those that want to silence him and keep him from reporting back to Goselyn’s mother.


This was originally written for an anthology. I had written different story but another author write something very similar after, soI volunteered to switch my story and wrote this one last minute onceI found out. I had never heard of Goose Girl before, but if you haven’t read the original….it’s…interesting!

Character Artwork

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I differentiated humans for artificially intelligent robots by dress length for women because the artificial are so life-like that people can’t tell. Corinth’s kingdom treats artificially very differently than Goselyn’s kingdom does.

Do you know where my Goose Girl retelling came from? Hint: I didn’t actually plan to write it…in fact, I had never even heard of thee story until minutes before I started writing it. Watch the video to learn how it came to be!

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