Goldilocks was never naive.

She was sent on a mission 

and Dov Baer is her new target.


“Golden is a daring retelling full of intrigue, betrayal, danger, and just the right amount of swoon.

You will never see ‘Goldilocks’ the same way again!

A must read!”

–Sherry Ficklin,

USA Today Best Selling Author

Goldilocks wasn’t naive. She was sent on a mission and Dov Baer is her new target.

When Auluria tricks the Baers into letting her into their home, they have no idea she’s actually been sent by the enemy to destroy them. Intent on gathering information for her cousin to hand over to the Society seeking to destroy all of the rebel factions—including her own—she’s willing to sacrifice Dov Baer to save her people…until she realizes her cousin lied to her.

Now that she’s seen who Dov truly is, she has to decide between staying loyal to her only remaining family or protecting the man she’s falling for. If her allegiances are discovered, either side could destroy her—assuming the Society doesn’t get her first.

Perfect for fans of The Lunar Chronicles, Divergent, The Hunger Games, and The Selection Series.

Did You Know?

Golden was #7 out of every single book in existence on Amazon in Fall 2017

and ranked #1 in all of it’s categories and genres

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Auluria (Goldilocks) is a spy sent to the Baers to learn their secrets and destroy them. but will she be able to once she meets them?

Dov Baer (baby bear) is the youngest of the Baer brothers and the most willing to help out a stranger—even if it costs him. Will he survive?

Berwyn Baer (papa bear) is the oldest of the Baer brothers and has a chip on his shoulder. His anger sometimes gets the better of him—but will it destroy him?

Eden Baer (mama bear) married Berwyn at a young age and feeds off his harsh personality. With her own revenge plans in the works, will she hinder their survival?

Reyla is Auluria’s new friend and voice of reason. Her calm manner and helpful nature keep everyone on focus, but is that focus making her miss something?

Silas is Dov’s best friend and the unofficial fourth member of the Baer family. His fix-it tendencies often lead to match making meddling, but will his loyalty get him in trouble?

Shadoe is Auluria’s handler (and arranged fiancé) but his allegiance his pledged to his boss, Lowell, but will his no nonsense, kill-first-ask-questions-later attitude hurt the cause?

Lowell is Auluria’s cousin with a vendetta against the Baers. He’s willing to manipulate people into doing his bidding, but when it comes down to it, will he protect his cousin?

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Chapter Headers

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Goldilocks As You've Never Seen Her Before

I never bought the idea that a girl wandered into a house, set up shop, and then just ran away when the occupants came home.

It took me a long time (years) to figure out that it was no accident that Goldilocks wandered into that house…she was there on a mission and the Baers were her target. Everything fell into place after that.


I also knew I didn’t want it to be a traditional paper/mama/baby relationship, so Dov became my baby Baer, joined by his older bother, Berwyn, who has been forced to take on that patriarchal role int he family after the death of their father, and Berywn’s wife, Eden, who has grievances of her own after a rather complicated life.

It was also very important to me to correct her hair color. Walk into any store that sells hair dye and you’ll see “golden” is not white blonde. Growing up, my hair color always matched the true golden color and I was also so heartbroken that no one represented my hair in media, books, movies, or tv shows, but it also seemed unfair for a girl who clearly had my hair to be represented as a girl with white blonde hair. So I took a stand and fixed it, giving little girls everywhere hope that they could be special without having white blonde hair.

Book Makeovers

Every few years, we give our books a cover makeover! The bottom row is the original imagery and the top is the current imagery!

A Look Behind The Scenes of The Golden Cover Photo Shoot

A Look Behind The Scenes of Dov and Auluria's Hiding Place In Chapter 11

Author Love From the Golden Launch Party


Did You Know?

Dov, Berywn, and Eden’s names all mean “bear.” This means they’re all Bear Baer.

Lowell’s name means wolf, while Shadoe’s means shadow.

Auluria’s name has special meaning too, but that’s a secret (I made up her name, so you can’t even look it up yourself—sorry!)

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The Revolution of Jack Frost


If you loved the romance and whirl wind of ups and downs in Golden, Jaded is for you! Fans have called it “an emotional roller coaster” and formed an actual emotional support group after reading the first book in the series. Has been called the “YA Dystopian Mr. and Mrs. Smith”

Another twisted retelling, this story dives into the dark world of Jack Frost, an out-of-control weather machine threatening to destroy everyone, and a twisted betrayal that you don’t see coming.

Tragedy has a place in the book world, and it tends to be in K.M. Robinson books. This Hansel and Gretel retelling brings new light to the witch who isn’t actually a villain and will rip your heart out by the end of the story.

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