Cinderella is an assassin. The prince is hunting her, too.


Cinderella with a techy, nanobot twist…and a fashion-savvy fairy godbrother


I gave Cindrill a nanobot mask because I never believed the prince wouldn’t recognize her. Using technology gave me the opportunity to change the way Cindrill looked and functions, and gave me a great new direction for her fairy godbrother tech wizard.


Cinderella is an assassin out to murder the prince…but he’s hunting her too.

The nanobots Cindrill’s master gives her to use as a mask allow her to slip into the ball wearing a face that isn’t hers, but when the assassination attempt goes sideways, Prince Davin doesn’t understand why her face changes when he injures her, slicing her foot open around a unique pair of shoes as she runs away.

When Cindrill runs into the prince the next day without her nanobot mask on, he doesn’t recognize her, but immediately decides her skills will be useful on his hunt for the would-be-assassin woman who nearly killed his father and his fiancée the night before.

Both are tasked with the job of murdering the other, but things don’t quite go as they had planned when Cindrill’s master and Davian’s fiancée interfere as the two try to decide whether or not to kill the other.

It’s hard to recognize a woman when she uses technology to change her appearance, but Cindrill is going to use that to her full advantage as she destroys the prince. Will either survive?

Cindrill Characters

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A highly-trained woman working under the mentorship of a master assassin, Cindrill has one job—deceive. When the assassination at the palace goes off course, chemist fix her mistake before her master can find her and make her pay. The prince is her target.

The prince’s only focus is to find the woman who attempted to murder him and his father and locked his fiancée in a closet as she escaped. With the guards at his command, he rushes into the city to find the would-be-murderess, but certain distractions might cause a problem.

Engaged to the prince, Villa’s job is to secure a marriage treaty between her kingdom and Davian’s. She and the prince are fairly different, but she knows how to play the game and ensure nothing stops the treaty.

Tech wiz and master designer, Claude creates everything from Cindrill’s wardrobe, to her weapons, toter technology. Mess up one of his masterpieces and you’ll pay a steep price.

He has one focus—assassinate the king and prince during thee prince’s engagement party. When he fails, he’ll stop at nothing to make Cindrill pay for her mistake and end the royal family for good.

Character Artwork

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The shoe on the cover of the book is the actual shoe Cindrill wears in the story…I created it specifically for this book.


Why tech?

I loved the idea of using advanced technology to alter Cinderella’s world. By introducing nanobots—something the prince hasn’t seen before—I was able to change his perception of her. She uses this to her advantage in the story.

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