Red Riding Hood Is A Circus Aerialist…

The Wolf Has Plans For Her


Blood Is Silent was originally written for a circus anthology? While not a retellings anthology, I wanted to take a fairytale bend to my story. When I decided on an aerialist, red silks immediately popped into my mind and Red Riding Hood’s story was born.

Blood Is Silent

Red Riding Hood is a circus aerialist and the wolf is ready to cage her.

Sienna has grown up working for the circus, dangling off her signature red silks every night. Her grandmother has been known to wander off to train new acts for their boss, but when Sienna tries to find her to bring her back to the show, she doesn’t expect the dashing and dangerous Elijah to join her.

When they finally Discover Grandma Ida has been transformed deep in the heart of the woods, Sienna will stop at nothing to save her — but the wolf has her right where he wants her, and she won t be able to escape his claws.

She was told not to go into the woods alone.

Red Riding Hood

Is A

Circus Aerialist 

Blood Is Silent Characters

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Dangling from her red silks or lyra each night, Sienna works as an aerialist in the circus her family has been a part of for years. Her grandmother is right hand to the circus owner, and on occasion, she has to find her grandmother when she wanders off to train a performer or scout a new talent. Her signature color is red.

A new addition to the circus, Elijah is a highly-trained magician. Though he mainly keeps to himself, he has a perceptive eye…he notices Sienna more than she knows. His signature color is black.

Known as the Invincible Man, Ephraim knows how to watch for things that could potentially be dangerous. As one of Sienna’s best friends, he constantly watches out for his fearless friend and the rest of their group. His signature color is blue.

Grandma Ida basically runs the circus for Samuel, finding new talent and training their performers. She’s the last relative Sienna has, but that doesn’t stop here from wandering off to do here work in peace. Though her eye sight fails, she can identify the performers by their signature colors. In her old age, she wears what she likes, but usually has hints of the red colors that have been passed through here family since they started working with the circus.

Owner of the circus and ring master to the show, Samuel has very clear priorities—and feelings aren’t a part of that. He doesn’t mince words with his performers, nor does he tolerate them stepping out of line. Deep down, he really does car, but it’s rare that her lets anyone see it, especially when the competition is nearby. His signature look includes black and white stripes with pops of red.

Working alongside her friend, Fannie, Blanch is an incredible trick rider who loves her part in the show. Though not as outwardly boy-crazy as her counterpart, Blanch is extremely perceptive and watches everyone closely. She might be the most mature one in the circus, but she also enjoys having fun with her friends, and if sparkly outfits are included, so be it. Her signature color is purple and silver.

Fannie is unwilling to share her fashion with anyone but her best friend and co-worker, Blanch, but she refuses to share a crush. Her flirting techniques have been honed on every guy in the circus, but her tastes change every day. Skilled at working with the horses in the show, she uses her position in the act to spy on everyone, and she makes it her business to know everything happening under the big top. Her signature color his purple and silver.

Cousin to Ephriam, Orville is in charge of working with the elephants in the act. His darker shades of blue connect him to his cousin while still giving him a unique look. Possibly the sweetest person in the circus, everyone loves him. He’s always willing to lend a hand and is pretty good about knowing what’s happening under the big tents of the show. His signature color is darker blue.

Josephine leads the circus in and out of their acts as their organist. She’s worked out musical codes with the performers  to signal them without words, and its exceptional at being in a room without being noticed if she doesn’t want to be seen. Quiet and soft spoken, Josephine is trust when she finally decides to say something. Her signature color is green and gold.

More likely to attack than the lions he trains, Hoyt is someone the other performers don’t want to get on the bad side of, though, somewhere below the layers of snark and rudeness is a Teddy bear. Maybe. He knows he’s gorgeous and likes to remind people of this, often flirting with the female performers. His signature color is gold.

Harriet tends to be nervous about the world…when she’s not busy juggling fire. She’s very by-the-book and follow-the-rules in her personal life outside of the act, and doesn’t hold back when she has something to point out to the other performers. While very perceptive, she occasionally undercuts her point with her snarkiness. If the others could only pick one person to be on their team in a crisis, though, it would be this little powerhouse. Her signature color is bright yellow.

Owner of a competing circus, Luther has an agenda—to show up Samuel and destroy his show. His sneaky ways lead him into trouble often, but so far, he’s won enough times to keep him trying to be the only circus around. Unlike Samuel’s circus, his doesn’t have color-coordination, but rather takes a darker bent to the circus, and includes acts Samuel would never dream of allowing in his show. They have very different patrons, but Luther has a plan and he won’t stop until he succeeds.

The Wolf Has Plans For Her…But Not What You Think

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Blood Is Silent Chapter Headers

Warning: this book has made fans yell at me. What can I say, I’m a mean writer. Just try not to throw the book across the room when you get to the twist, okay?

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The wolf has plans for her...


I worked with the fabulous Morgana Alba, the Circus Siren, as my consultant on the book. She talked me through all of the aerialist moves—what to do and not do, how each movement worked, and what to avoid at all costs—for this story?

Here’s a Live interview I did with her for the release of the Cirque de vol Mystique anthology (where Blood Is Silent was originally published) that I think you’ll enjoy!

And because one is never enough...

I also got to hang out with Kat Stroot who teaches people to be aerialists. She gave a ton of great tips on safety—some I never even thought of—that I think you’ll enjoy listening to!


What's In A Name?

My Red Riding Hood needed a good name and I wanted one to tie into her signature color, red. Sienna was the perfect not-specifically-red-unless-you-knew-it name for her, so I ran with it. The rest of the names also have an old-school vibe to them—Ephraim, Elijah, Fannie, Blanch…I adore the old-fashioned feel to this circus tale!


Everyone in Sienna’s circus has a signature color. For Sienna, it’s been apssed down through her family. For the others, it’s been assigned by Grandma Ida over the years—and now it helps Ida distinguish who is near her when she has trouble seeing.

What would YOUR signature color be?

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