Author Life Talk Show

Are you an expert in your field and want to share your knowledge with authors and aspiring authors?

I want you to join me for a pre-recorded episode of the show!

I want to show case your valuable knowledge and experience so other authors can grow too!

About The Show

The show is pre-recorded episodes featuring industry-leading experts that can help authors and publishing professionally to grow in their businesses and brands. Each show will have a unique topic designed to fit your knowledge and expertise. The show is very conversational. Episodes will then release soon after filming. If multiple episodes are filmed at once (as I typically prefer to do) episodes will be spaced out by a few days.

When We Film

We’ll pick a day and time that works for both of our schedules and record for one hour. We attempt to do these recordings during the day but if that doesn’t work for an expert’s schedule, we can come up with another time.

I’ll send you the link to join me right before our meet time.

Before we film, we’ll discuss the flow of the show, talk about valuable points we want to cover and if there are any areas we need to stay away from, then we’ll hit the record button.

Plan on spending a little over an hour with me so we have time to chat before we record and have a few minutes to debrief after. Most episodes go 20-40 minutes, so that will give us time to talk before and after we film. If we’re filming several episodes at once, plan for 1.5 hours. If you have time constraints, let me know in advance so we make sure to end early.

How We Film

The recording studio can be accessed from anywhere in the world—you can join from your home or office. I ask that you have a well-lit, quiet room to stream in.

It’s preferable that you join from your computer, but you can go live through a phone (I ask that you prop it up somewhere—don’t hand-hold it) if needed.

You don’t need anything special to join me—the built in camera and microphone on your computer or device is fine. Please have earbuds nearby in case we run into feedback issues, but we rarely do so that’s just for emergencies.

All you have to do is click the link I’ll send you, give it permission to use your device’s camera and microphone, and you’ll be in the recording studio with me!


Watch Past Episodes

Check out episodes from the livestream version of this series! Keep in mind, episodes are now being pre-recorded so while there won’t be in-the-moment questions written in, we will have authors send in questions early to be answered during our conversation!

IP and Entertainment Lawyer

Detective/SWAT Breacher

Molecular Anthropologist


CIA Analyst

Evidence Technician

Airline Captain

Aquatics Expert

Pitching To Networks


Findaway Voices

Audiobook Narrators

Once we’ve confirmed you as a guest speaker, I’ll need the following things from you:

—A well-lit, non-pixelated photo of you from top of legs up (look at the thumbnails from the example videos to get an idea of what I need) This does not need to be a professional photo and can be taken on your phone if you have to, but no selfies where you’re holding the phone, please have someone else hold it or prop it up and use the timer. This is for the video thumbnail and promo materials. You do not need to cut out the photo—I’ll do that (so background doesn’t matter!)

—All links to your website and social medias (if you have them as a business person, we won’t give out your personal socials) if you want them shared

—Any links to resources you think we might need or could come up during the conversation—we like to include those links in the show notes for authors to visit later

Are you willing to donate your time to help out the author community and make sure we stay on track with your industry/area of expertise?

We’re thrilled to learn from you!

If I contacted you, please reply to that email if you’re interested in joining me for an episode.

If you found me and want to be considered, email to let me know your name, contact info, area of expertise and what makes you an expert, and I’ll get back to you to talk about availability!

When you email me, I’ll ask a few questions including how long you’ve been an expert, what specifically you do, etc so that I know how to pitch your episode to the authors so that the writers who will benefit from the conversation the most will join us live!

I’m excited to work with you!

K.M. Robinson is a social media educator and speaker who helps entrepreneurs build profitable businesses through smart social media marketing with easy content creation. She’s been spotlighted by Facebook for her innovative work in the field, and has appeared on CBS News nationally, NBC news nationally, News Week, Business News Daily, Writer’s Weekly, Authority Magazine, Evie Magazine, Thrive Global, Newsweek, People Magazine, New York Comic Con, Penned Con Charleston, Penned Con St Louis, MerMagic Con, Live Con, and has partnered with companies like TikTok, Zynn, BeLive, Restream, Logitech and Lifetime. She specializes in livestreaming, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok growth. She is the founder of Livestream Action Plan, Social Time Saver, and IG Reels for Business. She’s also a multi-time bestselling fiction author.