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The Conspiracy of Jack Frost

Only one person can stop an out-of-control weather machine-the boy who became a legend.

No one inside the snow globe knows that Morozoko Industries is controlling their weather, testing them to form a stronger race that can survive the fallout from the bombs being dropped on the outside world-all they know is that they must survive the harsh Winter that lasts a month and use the few days of Spring, Summer, and Fall to gather enough supplies to survive.

When the seasons start shifting, Genesis and her boyfriend, Jack, know something has gone wrong. As their team begins to find technology that they don’t have access to inside their snow-globe-of-a-world, it looks more and more like one of their own is working against them.

Genesis soon discovers Morozoko Industries is to blame, but when a foreign enemy tries to destroy their weather program to make sure their life-altering bombs succeed in destroying the outside world, their only chance is to shut down the machine that is spinning out of control and save the lives of everyone inside the bunker-at any cost.

The Jaded Duology

If the only way to stay alive was to convince your new husband not to murder you and make it look like an accident, could you do it?

At eighteen, Jade shouldn’t have to be forced to marry the son of her father’s enemy as part of a revenge plot for a failed rebellion. When she’s thrown into the life of being the wife of the Commander’s son and heir, her only hope for survival is convincing Roan Diamond to actually fall in love with her so that he doesn’t kill her on his father’s wishes.

While a dutiful son, Roan shouldn’t have to trick his new wife into believing his family accepts her, but as the only one in a position to make the country believe Jade is part of their family, he will do what he has to before his family murders his young bride and makes it look like an accident to get back at Jade’s father.

With half the country trying to protect Jade and the other half oblivious to the atrocities committed at the Commander’s hand, it’s a race to see who will win at a deadly game of cat and mouse.

One chooses life. One chooses death. In the midst of chaos, only one will succeed.

The Golden Triology

Goldilocks wasn’t naive. She was sent on a mission and Dov Baer is her new target.

When Auluria tricks the Baers into letting her into their home, they have no idea she’s actually been sent by the enemy to destroy them. Intent on gathering information for her cousin to hand over to the Society seeking to destroy all of the rebel factions—including her own—she’s willing to sacrifice Dov Baer to save her people…until she realizes her cousin lied to her.

Now that she’s seen who Dov truly is, she has to decide between staying loyal to her only remaining family or protecting the man she’s falling for. If her allegiances are discovered, either side could destroy her—assuming the Society doesn’t get her first.


Hansel and Gretel’s witch was actually on their side…

Annika’s job is to create a cake to match the candy-colored rooftops, nightly firework shows, and daily parades ending in unexpected executions for the mad king’s ball, but her true mission is to sneak a thirteen-year-old assassin into the palace inside her cake using her gift of illusions.

Hansel’s job is to protect his little sister, Gretel, once she assassinates King Levin and ends the destruction in Candestrachen, using his power over light to rescue the young girl from the chaos her influence over life and death will create.

When the entire forest reconstructs itself under Gretel’s command while trying to save herself from a king’s guard, Hansel and Annika must put their feelings aside and ensure their plan holds true—even if it means one of them has to sacrifice themselves to protect the mission.

Her illusions were meant to save her….but not everyone will survive the assassination attempt.

The Siren Wars Saga

War has hovered around the kingdom of Scylla for generations ever since the original sirens left the mer collection generations ago after nearly drowning the human prince. Over the years, select mermaids from the royal bloodline have been trained as spies to work for the reigning kings and queens, keeping the collection safe from sirens and humans.

Celena and her partner, Merrick, work covertly for the royals—not even her twin brother knows. When they discover the sirens have broken through the barriers the mer set up to keep the sirens out, Celena and her friends must race to the old kingdom of Metten to stop them from starting a war within their borders.

When she’s dragged to the surface, Celena realizes that the war above the waters is as deadly as the one below the waves—and sacrificing herself may be the only way to protect her family.

The Siren Wars have only just begun.


Cinderella is an assassin out to murder the prince…but he’s hunting her too.

The nanobots Cindrill’s master gives her to use as a mask allow her to slip into the ball wearing a face that isn’t hers, but when the assassination attempt goes sideways, Prince Davin doesn’t understand why her face changes when he injures her, slicing her foot open around a unique pair of shoes as she runs away.

When Cindrill runs into the prince the next day without her nanobot mask on, he doesn’t recognize her, but immediately decides her skills will be useful on his hunt for the would-be-assassin woman who nearly killed his father and his fiancée the night before.

Both are tasked with the job of murdering the other, but things don’t quite go as they had planned when Cindrill’s master and Davian’s fiancée interfere as the two try to decide whether or not to kill the other.

It’s hard to recognize a woman when she uses technology to change her appearance, but Cindrill is going to use that to her full advantage as she destroys the prince.Will either survive?

Blood Is Silent

Red Riding Hood is a circus aerialist and the wolf is ready to cage her. 

Sienna has grown up working for the circus, dangling off her signature red silks every night. Her grandmother has been known to wander off to train new acts for their boss, but when Sienna tries to find her to bring her back to the show, she doesn’t expect the dashing and dangerous Elijah to join her.

When they finally Discover Grandma Ida has been transformed deep in the heart of the woods, Sienna will stop at nothing to save her—but the wolf has her right where he wants her, and she won’t be able to escape his claws.

She was told not to go into the woods alone.

Virtually Sleeping Beauty

To wake her up, he has to enter the game and help her beat it…

Surely the class president wouldn’t illegally over-juice to stay in the virtual reality game citizens are allowed to play for four hours a day, but when Royce’s aunt calls in a panic because her goddaughter hasn’t left the game yet, his only option is to go inside the game and drag the girl out.

The golden knight quickly discovers the princess’ absence in the real world isn’t of her own doing—she’s trapped inside the game by unknown forces—and if she can’t escape soon, she could die for real outside of the game. He’s even more shocked to discover that Rora outranks him inside of the game, which means she’ll have to fight to protect herself from the evils locking her inside a dangerous world.

Can Rora and Royce work together to outsmart a vicious queen and evil magician, and defeat digital dragons, or will Rora slowly fade away until there’s nothing left but an empty shell and the game ranking she will leave behind?

Mulan Dragon Shifter

There are no female dragon shifters in Yan Liu…except Mulan and her family. Only the enemy province has women with scales, so when they attack the Center as Mulan is dropping off her twin brother for his assignment with the army, she’s forced to play the role of a non-existent brother after she shifts and rushes into the battle to protect her real twin.

Together, they must lie to their commanding officer—Mulan’s secret boyfriend—and the entire army to protect her from their wrath should they find out and consider her an enemy, but Mulan’s special gift might be too great to keep her secret hidden for long. She may be the only one that can save the kingdom and return the black jade blossom to the emperor.

Can Mulan survive the war, navigate two men vying for her attention, and keep her scales hidden long enough to return the province’s life source to her people, or will dark, hidden forces destroy everything and cause her plans to burn hotter than her scale-melting dragon flames?

The Sinking

When a quirky older woman pawns a fancy seashell necklace at her mother’s antique shop on the pier, Cara doesn’t think much about the story the woman spins about the wearer turning into a mermaid.

On her way home, she accidentally drops the necklace into the ocean and is swept out to sea where she meets Quay–a merman who volunteers to take her to his mother, the sea queen, to help her get her legs back.

Cara soon learns that it’s Quay’s eighteen birthday–a day that has been a curse for his family–and is meant to be one for her too. Now she must fight to survive the sea with Quay at her side.

The Legends Chronicles

Little Hacker Muffet
sat on her tuffet
destroying her cords and Way.
Along came a hacker named Spider,
who sat down beside her
and frightened his opponent away.

When Fet, one of the most skilled hackers in the Legends, discovers her best friend and leader of her group has been abducted and held for ransom, she must escape unnoticed and find Peep before it’s too late.

When Spider, a new recruit training to join her hacker ring, slips out with her and claims to have a plan to save her friend, Fet is forced to bring him along. As she discovers he’s not who he claims to be, she faces grave danger and learns just how deadly a spider bite can be.

Stealing Steam Series

Aladdin-meets-steampunk in this brand-new retelling from K.M. Robinson

All wishes require sacrifice…are you willing to pay the price?

Cyra spent the last seven years being trained to steal an airship in a brutal competition that leaves the victor with millions. Last year, she won.

Aladdin spent the past year fighting to get enough money to take his mother away from Horallen after his father was murdered. Now, his evil Uncle Kacper wants to force him into the competition and straight to his death inside the Collection Cave.

When Aladdin discovers a genie said to have been banished a century ago, the competition becomes even deadlier, and he knows he can’t trust the girl who snuck into the competition this year…but Cyra might not survive his ruthlessness either in a game where only the lion’s heart can win.

All wishes require sacrifice, and someone is going to pay the price for the Stourbridge.

The Goose Girl and the Artificial

What would you do if your artificially intelligent handmaiden stole your identity?

Threatened by her Artificial, Arta, Princess Goselyn is forced to switch places and pretend she isn’t human when she reaches Prince Corinth to negotiate a treaty they both need to be able to take their respective crowns one day. If she doesn’t comply, her Artificial, controlled by her evil cousin, will not only kill Goselyn’s mother, but Prince Corinth and his father as well.

Can the quiet princess outsmart a machine created to be more intelligent than she is, all while surviving the other Artificials and robots working against her in the foreign palace, or will Corinth and his father find out and destroy her chance to save them all?

The Holiday Court Series

Can the daughters of Father Time, Santa, Cupid, and the other Holiday Court leaders stop Darkness and his new minion from destroying the future and preventing Viv from taking her place as the Daughter of Time…or will these six leading ladies and their gorgeous men be removed from history without a trace? Read the complete series now!

This six-book short story series features a new holiday in each installment, a powerful leading lady and her stunningly swoony man, and an epic universal party that can’t possibly end at midnight.

You can read The Holiday Court Series in any order you like! It all revolves around one catastrophic event and the daughters of the Court leaders each have to handle a different problem to save their people from the same villain so you’ll get a different character’s perspective in each story!

Rescue From The Neverland Isle

Kept alive by an unrelenting Shadow spirit, Neverland is thriving under the care of Peter Pan as he sacrifices the young boys he steals and turns into crocodiles to his master. On a floating island filled with gaudy wonders and inhabitants, Wendy must find and free her brothers and as many lost boys as she can.

Enlisting the help of the captain of the army—her childhood best friend, Jameson—and his deadly hook that’s barely sharper than his silver tongue and flirtatious ways, she must face a dark world of spies, assassins, and spirits all trying to stop their team from extracting the boys and ending Pan’s reign of tyranny, but his secret connection to Wendy might just be her undoing.

On an island that’s as deadly as its people, Wendy only has one chance to save them all and make up for her mistakes of the past.

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