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“Wholly unique and a blast to read. You’ve never seen nursery rhymes like this before.”

–Sissy Lu, book reviewer

A Techy Twist


Little Miss Muffet

The World of


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The Legends

Along Came A Spider

Prequel Novelette 1

In the first prequel novelette to the Legends Chronicles, Fet and Spider meet for the first time, and no one knows where to place their trust as alliances are tested and dark secrets come to light.

Fet and Spider

work to save Little Bo Peep from the Piper

only to find there’s more unknown than known.

And They’ll Come Home

Prequel Novelette 2

In the second prequel novelette to The Legends Chronicles,

Peep and Arach have to survive being held captive by the Piper while attempting to help Fet and Spider from the inside.

Behind the Legends

Legends short stories

Looking for Legends Bonus Scenes?

I give out bonus scenes on Facebook, for preorder swag, as part of giveaways, and even on my Patreon.

People are Starting to Talk

I’m dropping short stories and scenes from the other twisted nursery rhymes in the Legends hacker group in weekly installments over on Wattpad. Join me and learn more about these characters and how the Legends hacker group came to be a technical super power.

Think you have what it takes to join the Legends hacker group?

Play the interactive, choose-your-own-adventure game and see if you can convince Muffet to let you in. Hint: You might have an easier time talking Spider into helping you.

Played through FB messenger so you never miss a mission, you’ll be sent on several directives to see if you qualify for joining the elite group. Choose wisely, you only get one chance.

Can you HACK it?

Play now and find out!

Bookish  Facebook  Filters

Want to use the Legends-inspired Facebook filters on your profile pic, photos, videos or live broadcasts?

All you have to do is like the Page and they’ll automatically be in your FB Camera app to use!

Bonus points for tagging me so I can see how you use them!

Pro tip: save to your phone and use on IG Stories too!

ACAS Interior Designs

All of the binary used in the interior (and cover) graphics actually have significance to the books.

If you take the time to translate it, you’ll find hidden messages.

Have Legends Fan Art?

Send it in for me to feature on my social media platforms!




Character Text Convos

Have you ever wondered what book characters

would be talking about if they lived in our world?

Let's take a peek at their texts and find out!


Along Came A Spider

A techy hacker YA twist on Little Miss Muffet,

Little Bo Peep, and other nursery rhymes

Legends Videos

Live broadcasts and videos are one of my favorite parts about being an author.

Check out these videos featuring Jaded:


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