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“Jaded is the YA dystopian version

of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

In other words, it’s amazing and keeps you on the

edge of your seat.”

–Sissy Lu, book reviewer

One chooses life.

One chooses death.

In the midst of chaos,

only one will succeed.

The World of



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Book 2

The Commander creates a new plan to exact his revenge against Jade’s father and this time, Jade might not escape in this epic conclusion to The Jaded Duology.

Get the first 3 chapters of Jaded




Book 1

Jade is forced to marry a man so his father can quietly make her murder look like an accident.

Jaded has been called the YA dystopian Mr. and Mrs. Smith...who will survive?

Want to see if it’s for you?

Grab our free sample!

Looking for my Jaded Bonus Scenes?

I give out bonus scenes on Facebook, for preorder swag, as part of giveaways, and even on my Patreon.

Keep an eye out because these freebie gifts change all the time!

For now, there is a Jaded bonus scene on FB. To get it, simply send me a DM on FB and my bot will pop up to deliver your bonus scene right through DM ;)


People are Starting to Talk

Jade is about to be murdered...can you help save her?

In this 3 day interactive, choose-your-own-adventure game, Jade’s boss, Mr. Eroh,

is working behind the scenes to help save Jade from

Commander Diamond and his son, Roan.

Mr. Eroh will send you on a series of missions and when you’re done, you can go back into the story and see how your actions directly affected Jade’s fate.

You also get a look at what characters are doing off-page as an exclusive bonus.

This game is played directly through Facebook messenger so you never miss a mission!

Think you can save Jade? Find out now!

Bookish  Facebook  Filters

Bonus points for tagging me so I can see how you use them!

Pro tip: save to your phone and use on IG Stories too!

Want to use the Jaded-inspired Facebook filters on your profile pic, photos, videos or live broadcasts?

All you have to do is like the Page and they’ll automatically be in your FB Camera app to use!

Jaded’s Deadly Hair comb

Jade acquires a very important hair comb in the story...

But did you know that hair comb actually exists?

I actually created this hair piece before I wrote it into the story, knowing it was going to be in Jaded.

This is what it looks like in real life.

I also did a live broadcast about it...

>>>WATCH IT<<<

Chapter Headers

Jaded is dual point of view,

so it’s only fitting to have a

unique chapter heading for both

Jade and Roan.

Jade’s is symbolic of her hair comb with blood dripping off it.

Roan’s is symbolic of his love for art mixed with the poison he is supposed to use on Jade.

Everyone loves coloring pages, right?

On special occasions,

like during my live broadcast launch parties,

I give out coloring sheets for my books.

I keep these pretty exclusive, but right now,

you can download a copy of the one from the Golden launch party, my gift to you!


Jaded Coloring Pages

Have you ever wondered what book characters

would be talking about if they lived in our world?

Let's take a peek at their texts and find out!


Character Text Convos

Fan    art

Have Golden Fan Art?

Send it in for me to feature on my social media platforms!




Jaded Videos

Live broadcasts and videos are one of my favorite parts about being an author.

Check out these videos featuring Jaded:


Live Broadcast Launch Party

Did You Know?

Both of the important dresses in Jaded actually
real life exist?

I made them myself after I wrote the book to use in a book trailer I made years ago.

That trailer stays safely hidden in the archives of my external hard drives. It was glorious back in the day!

Did You Know?

Jade has a fashion flare because I started making couture dresses for my clients during their photo shoots.

Roan has his artistic side because when I was younger I used to love sitting down to draw and create...though I was allergic to paint so Roan has the advantage.

Speaking of allergies, just like Jade, I’m terribly allergic to scented candles, flowers,air fresheners, perfumes, etc

Did You Know?

The famous Butterfly Scene in Jaded

is something I experienced in real life.

I experienced the same reaction Jaded did

and my younger sister doesn’t

remember it at all,

despite having the same reaction.

I decided to share those emotions with you.

You’re welcome.